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Saturday, November 7, 2009

WTF!!??!?!?! vegetable monster?!!??!?

WHYYYYYY did those tv idiots think they could change the most epic character of all time - cookie monster - into a friggin vegetable monster????? NOT COOL, this cannot be happening. Screw them. Rest in peace, Cookie Monster

Friday, November 6, 2009

Invisible shields

All i have to say on the topic of invisible shields is that they are the ultimate weapon, any town could be saved from attacking zombies with an invisible shield. They are all powerful and invinsible. I will someday invent them.

i was just on itunes

and that is all

Yesterday Updates

So, I had the BEST experiance EVER yesterday. I was at the train station with my friends and other classmates. There was this total skater dude in tight pants and layered tshirts across on the other platform. So, he plugs in his ipod and he starts DANCING!! its all little techno things, but then he does this total one handed hand stand out of nowhere. Then comes the flips!!! it was AWESOME he was doing all these tricks, so we start applauding for him. Next thing we know we are having a conversation with this guy and hes doing flips for us.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

MLIA of the day

Note: This MLIA is not my own MLIA, oh i wish it was, but its not, it is from the actual site

Today, in english class, we were talking about life changing experiences. Most of us talked about a death, or one of their family members getting married. But one kid stood up and started off, "Well, I was born and raised in West Philadelphia. I spent most of my days on the playground." He then proceeded to tell the whole lyrics of the theme song to Fresh Prince of Bell Air in conversational english. No one got it but me. MLIA.

This is amazing. I wish someone in my class was that cool. At least someone in the world is. :D :D

Diologue of the day

"What do you want you furry beast?!?! Stop licking me!!"
"Just push him"
"But wont that hurt?"
"No, we do it all the time-maybe he wants a ball"
"But he's already got his mouthful with them"

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sooo Facebook

Yeah, so basically I joined this totally realistic group on FB called "I was doing my homework but ended up on facebook." OH YEAHHH, whoever created that one is a genious, because that happens like amillion times a day.... also a fan of "I was forced to learn the recorder as a child" ... good stuff.
right now im SUPPOSED to be doing a family crest project thing and im posting this, while trying to convince my friend to do an activity and not fail school on facebbok chat, while im supposed to go eat that tortellini soup my mom just cooked up. (BTW: yummmm-tortellini-try it)
get this. On my family crest is a bow and arrow, and it means war, power, and ability to hit a target. WHOA there internet, thats what she said... i mean how am i supposed to present that without my class going into hysterics!?!?
Well as always, ill deal with it somehow.